Connect citizens with their city

Our infocity displays are designed for public administrations and allow you to project various information. It is a multi-color graphic matrix display with an Ethernet port for the Lan connection.

The display city allows you to do several things: – manage the displays from a PC rather than from a Tablet, Ipad or Iphone; – Display time and date from GPS signal through an integrated antenna; – Choose to automatically display the latest news on the last line of the display; – View the position of the display on the GOOGLE MAP on the software; – Program the automatic appearance and disappearance of messages by date and time; – Use the display as a weekly programming ZTL panel.

It is also possible to customize the display by inserting your coat of arms and your name by means of white LED backlit screen printing. Nevertheless you can activate the Wheather module , in collaboration with 3B Meteo, the reception of weather forecasts. Alternatively you can choose the News module  which instead allows the reception of news from the main newspapers.